Affordable Care Act Informational Meeting

To all LGC Payroll Mangers and Clerks,
With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are going to be compliance requirements as it relates to employee work hours, classifications, benefits and dependents. Many of these requirements go into effect during the 2015 calendar year, which means our customers have to begin tracking in a few short months. Failure to properly implement and document these requirements could result in substantial penalties.

LGC recently conducted a short survey with a few of our customers to gauge their level of understanding of this topic. The results show that some of them haven't considered this at all, some are familiar with ACA, and many are waiting on LGC to provide everything they need for reporting.

2014 Tax Forms

To order your 2014 Tax Forms, please choose your software package below.

>>FlexGen Tax Forms

>>Zortec Tax Forms


Congratulations to Tammie Hopper - Lake County Trustee & Melissa Beard - City of Spring Hill, winners of VISA gift cards at the Tennessee Association of Property Tax Professionals. We would also like to thank TAPTP for the opportunity to participate.

A Message from the President

To all our LGC friends.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Mickey Wilson has officially started the adventure that is retirement. He has a full schedule and is in great demand from family, church, and friends. We wish him a hearty farewell and Godspeed as he and his wife start this new journey.

Fiscal Year End Documentation

TCRS Concord File Layout

TCRS has updated their website with new material for the Concord Project.

From this link, click the "Concord" tab to view the updated link.

Important Information Regarding Windows XP

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