Congratulations to Tammie Hopper - Lake County Trustee & Melissa Beard - City of Spring Hill, winners of VISA gift cards at the Tennessee Association of Property Tax Professionals. We would also like to thank TAPTP for the opportunity to participate.

A Message from the President

To all our LGC friends.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Mickey Wilson has officially started the adventure that is retirement. He has a full schedule and is in great demand from family, church, and friends. We wish him a hearty farewell and Godspeed as he and his wife start this new journey.

I am humbled and very appreciative that our Board of Directors have selected me as L.G.C.’s newest President. They also wisely chose David Thomas as Executive Vice-president and Jim Gilbert as Vice-president. I am sure that most of you know David and Jim. I have worked with them for many years, have had many experiences with them, and am very blessed to have them at my side as we take LGC forward.

Jim’s promotion opened up the Director of Customer Service position. We have selected Lisa Carter to fill this spot. As you know, Lisa has served excellently as the County Help Desk Manager for many years. She has proven not only her technical skills, but her ability to direct people, manage call volumes, and clearly communicate.

As a result, the County Help Desk staff will be moved under the direction of another excellent manager, Steven Simmons. In the past, Steven managed our Training Center, and most recently the Municipal Help Desk. His attention to detail, customer focus, and accounting skills are the perfect mix to manage these two departments. To help level some of the load, Becky Ray has been promoted to Supervisor in the County Help Desk department. As many of you know, her persistence and never give up attitude is the kind of person you want when working through an issue, either technical or accounting.

So, it has been an interesting year packed with activity and changes, but things are running smooth here at L.G.C. I believe this is the greatest staff we have ever had and I have tremendous faith in them. We are writing new software, and installing new orders, as fast as we can, and looking constantly for ways to improve.

Thank you for your loyalty and faith in us. With God’s help, we promise to do our best every day to earn it.

Bruce D. Collier, President

Local Government Corporation

When Service Counts…

Fiscal Year End Documentation

TCRS Concord File Layout

TCRS has updated their website with new material for the Concord Project.

From this link, click the "Concord" tab to view the updated link.

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) is hosting “Concord Employer Training” courses through April 2014. LGC is hosting the training classes at our three facilities, but TCRS is handling the registration.
You may visit to register. All questions concerning the TCRS Concord Employer Training Courses should be directed to TCRS.

Important Information Regarding Windows XP

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