Happy Birthday LGC

40 years ago, on July 7, 1977, five, courageous souls left the security and comfort of working for a state institution, to launch out on a brave new venture called Local Government Data Processing Corporation. It was a shoestring operation whose long-term future was unknown and probably in doubt. Not many years ago, I had a gentleman who was involved in State and local government affairs to a pretty high degree tell me that he couldn’t believe our success. That he figured that the company would last maybe five years after it started! Yet here we are. Today, with 144 employees, over 1,500 customers, and a plethora of business opportunities in front of us, I sure do appreciate those five, courageous souls who took a chance, and in doing so gave so many of us one. Happy Birthday LGC. May you have many, many more.

Bruce D. Collier, President
Local Government Corporation
"When Service Counts"

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